About Therapy

If your thoughts are negative and self-deprecating or you feel angry, confused, anxious and overwhelmed, it could be time to take your first steps on the counselling journey.

There are reasons why you feel stuck in the patterns that hurt rather than heal you and there are ways of starting to understand these patterns that can really help. When we keep repeating the same pattern of behaviour, we are unable to see which direction to take in order to change because we can’t see the bigger picture. This can arise from how we feel about ourselves, how we feel in relation to others and life experiences, past, present and future which may include trauma, loss, sadness or fear. Therapy can help us see the bigger picture and find a way to a more fulfilling life.

I have a lot of experience working with those struggling to make sense of their difficulties and I understand that the decision to come to counselling is a big step, which takes courage. I guarantee whilst with me you will feel listened to with respect and without judgement. I provide a space where your experiences can be explored in a compassionate, confidential and collaborative way.

Life can bring many challenges and it can feel that we are lost without a sense of direction or someone who understands. You need not feel alone any longer.